Horseback Boar Hunting Regains Popularity in Spain

Hunters in Spain are taking up spears and chasing down wild boars on horseback, just like the Romans used to do it.

The country now has a Pigsticking International Club, and the activity has been officially included in Spanish hunting regulations since last summer.

Hunters stalk pigs all day before dispatching them from horseback with nine-foot spears.

Rural communities see both business potential and a nod to their country’s roots. Pigsticking has a long history in the country–images of it are seen in cave paintings thousands of years old.

Animal rights activists in Spain have historically fought against another ancient Spanish tradition, bull fighting, and are now taking on pigsticking.

Enthusiasts respond to allegations of cruelty by arguing that brutality is part of nature.

“You cannot understand how nature works if you don’t see what’s going on,” one supporter said. “It’s very important that children know how the eagle eats the mouse, and the fox eats the eagle, and it goes on. It’s nature, and it’s life.”

Photo by adkorte on Flickr