A coalition of 24 organizations like the Ducks Unlimited, the NRA, Safari Club International and the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance have joined the NSSF in opposition to a California bill that would ban the use of traditional lead ammunition in the state.

In April, Field & Stream reported on Assembly Bill (AB) 711, a proposal initiated by Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) that would extend a lead-free zone currently enforced in areas frequented by the California condors, to the entire state by 2016–a move many sportsmen and gun advocates are considering a back-door approach to gun-control legislation.

Supporters of the bill, mostly environmentalist organizations or gun-control advocates, say it would protect scavenging animals from poisoning after ingesting small pieces of lead in the field or fragmented in gut piles. Many lawmakers agreed, and in May, the California House passed the measure 44 to 21, placing it in the hands of the state Senate.

Critics point out there is no scientific backing for environmentalists claims and the bill is nothing more than another knee-jerk gun-control measure–one that would not only make most types of pistol and hunting ammunition unavailable to California hunters, but subsequently create a significant loss of revenue for the state via taxes, employment, and retail sales.

The NSSF and its supporting coalition released a statement this week asking concerned sportsmen to contact California’s legislators and ask them to not pass AB 711.