A husband and wife enjoying a Beach Boys concert in Council Bluffs, Iowa certainly weren’t feeling any Good Vibrations after a spooked whitetail buck jumped the fence, collided with the woman, and rendered her unconscious.

Larry and Judy Leinen were sitting in the back row when the deer jumped over the four-foot fence and hit Judy when it landed. The impact was forceful enough to knock her out and bend her lawn chair in half. The deer simply jumped back over the fence and into the woods. Her husband says it’s just one of those weird things that took them by surprise.

“All of a sudden, I looked over and she was lying on her face on the ground,” Larry Leinen told The Daily Nonpareil_._ “She was knocked unconscious just temporarily.”

Judy sustained bruises on her head, back and shoulder and doctors think she may have had a slight concussion, but her husband says she’s already on the mend and back to work.

_Photo by Daniel Hartwig via Flickr. _