Mountain Lion Seen Fishing in Montana

A surveillance camera overlooking a tributary of the Blackfoot River outside Seeley Lake, Montana recently captured an unusual angler--a mountain lion--plying a stream for trout.

In an article from the Missoulian, Jamie Jonkel, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks bear manager, says he was using surveillance cameras to monitor a specific Blackfoot River tributary where he knew rainbow trout spawned. He says he wanted to see if bears in the area were using it as a food source--which they were--but this was the first time he'd seen a cat feeding on fish.

"I've never heard of a mountain lion fishing," Jonkel said. "There are fishing cats in South America--they will dive in and grab fish out of the water. And it may be pretty common in places like Alaska and Vancouver. But I did a quick search, and couldn't find anything on mountain lions fishing around here. This may be the only time in Montana that I know of where it's been documented."