A woman in Gold Canyon, Arizona, recently dialed 911 to report a fight on her property. When firefighters responded half an hour later, the two combatants were still going at it on her back patio. The problem was that one was a squirrel and the other was a bull snake.

Rather than break up the ruckus, firefighter Ryan Philips took out his phone and started recording, and shared the footage with WFSB.

“Typically the ground squirrel is food for a snake so it was kind of interesting to see the tables turned a little bit,” said Philips.

When it looked like the squirrel wasn’t going to relent, firefighters spooked off the squirrel and helped transport the bull snake back to the wild.

“I’d say this round went to the ground squirrel. But I’m sure they’ll be a rematch in the future,” said Philips.