An attempt to help disabled veterans get back into the woods to hunt in Lyons, Michigan has been thwarted by thieves who stole nearly $18,000 worth of gear.

A trailer valued at $4,000 and a Polaris six-person utility vehicle valued at $13,800 belonging to Operation Injured Soldiers was stolen outside the agency’s office sometime between July 3-5, the Detroit Free Press reported. Founder Pamela Bijansky said the trailer might be hard to recognize as stolen because it was unmarked. The group was in the process of raising money to add a “Operation Injured Soldiers” logo. However, the utility vehicle won’t be tough to spot–it has the group’s name plastered on the side and looks brand new.

“We need to replace them, but personally I’d rather just see someone dump it somewhere,” Bijansky said. “People are out there looking. Keep your eyes open. Somebody has seen a new trailer appear next door or a new Ranger. Or it could be in Mississippi right now. But it’s a 50-50 shot it’s still in Michigan.”

Operation Injured Soldiers raises money through donations, motorcycle runs, and golf outings. The group uses the money to connect veterans through word-of-mouth for fishing and hunting outings. So far, around 400 soldiers in Michigan have benefited, in addition to another 400 soldiers nationwide.