Black Bear Hunting photo

Every night, millions of Americans watch the local news. They tune in for sports, weather, crime, and, of course, tips on how to survive a black bear attack. OK, so maybe that last one isn’t exactly regular content. But residents in Providence, R.I., were recently treated to just that when a reporter–who was covering a suburban bear encounter–performed a step-by-step tutorial on how to (NOT) survive a bear attack. The whole thing was bizarre and unintentionally hilarious, and the clip, which you can watch above, has since gone viral.

This reporter is hardly the first to goof on a hunting or fishing story. She joins a camp of others who’ve proved time and again that local news anchors are typically out of their element outdoors. Watch and enjoy.

Carp TKO

While covering a story on invasive Asian carp, this reporter probably could’ve benefited from a net when she was holding this 12-pound fish.
Crash Course**

This Indianapolis reporter certainly looked the part during this segment about summer outdoor activities. Next time she just might want to go a little easier on the throttle. At least she was wearing a helmet.
Fake Out**

You’ve probably seen this one, but it belongs in the Blooper Hall of Fame: In an effort to provide viewers with a, er, realistic perspective of a suburban black bear encounter, this Cleveland reporter got a little creative with the props for his segment.

How Do You Say, “No Comment,” In Swedish?**

Not all outdoors-related news blunders happen in the U.S. This Swedish reporter thought it would be a good idea to interview a grouse on the side of the highway. He thought wrong.

Gobbler Gaff

Another classic you’ve probably seen, but no local-news gag reel would be complete with out this one.