New York Residents Can Now Take Hunter Safety Course Online

New York’s hunters-in-training can now enroll in a portion of the state-required hunter’s education course online at The online course lets anyone learn the material–a mix of text, video, and interactive media–at their own pace and to retake quizzes after relearning anything they misunderstood.

“With the new videos and the ability to take the course even on a smartphone, this is a great option for those New York students who wish to take the online course to satisfy the home study portion of hunter education. Students will still need to complete the hands-on field day portion of the course before they can be certified to hunt in New York,” he stated. He suggest that students sign up for a home-study course first to be sure they can complete all instruction.

New York requires anyone 12 years old or older to pass a hunter’s safety course before the state will issue him or her a hunting license. Students also can take the online ortion of the New York hunter safety course on a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, laptop, or Internet TV. The course pages automatically adjust to fit any device with no app required to see the videos, graphics or animations.