Big Game Hunting photo

A 12-foot alligator that reportedly attacked a husky while its owner was walking it through a North Carolina neighborhood will possibly end up in a nearby museum as part of an exhibit that stresses the importance of respecting the boundaries of wild animals.

According to Jacksonville police reports, last Tuesday, July 23, a newlywed couple’s 80-pound dog was snatched off the banks of a creek and consumed by the gator. The couple reportedly didn’t know the area harbored such large gators and were shocked (to say the least) when the reptile devoured their pet whole.

Remarkably, authorities were able to locate and dispatch the gator with three shots from a rifle. Inside the stomach, they found the remains of the dog to verify they indeed had the correct gator.

An article from CBS affiliate WNCT, the gator is now in the process of being mounted for display in the Onslow County Environmental Education Center–a 12,000 square-foot facility currently under construction that will include a walking trail and an outdoor classroom. Spokesperson Lisa Whitman-Grice hopes to use the gator to educate others about the area’s wildlife.