The debate over Sunday hunting in the Keystone State is heating up again.

Pennsylvania is one of a few with “Blue Laws”–legislation with colonial roots that’s intended to limit or bar specific activities on Sunday.

While the state consistently ranks as one of the top five in terms of number of hunters per capita, it is one of 11 states that still doesn’t allow, or significantly limits, hunting activities on Sunday. The other 10 are Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

According to an article from The Patriot News, a grassroots sportsman group called the Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH) claims the ban is unconstitutional, infringing on the right to bear arms and freedom of religion. The group is suing the state Game Commission. Since most hunters work a typical 40 hour week, the group contends Sunday represents half of their hunting season.

“Given that most people work Monday through Friday and children under 18…are in school Monday through Friday, Sundays comprise 50 percent of the available time to hunt in Pennsylvania,” the suit states.

So far, the state game commission hasn’t responded to the suit, but a spokesman did say the decision is ultimately up to the state legislature, and if it did change the law to allow Sunday hunting, the agency would certainly be open to the notion.