For several years, outdoor survival expert Les Stroud has been a one-man camera crew who filmed his multi-day jaunts into remote areas of the world. I’ve tuned in from time to time. The episodes are occasionally entertaining, and I often learn a thing or two.

But would I go so far as to say Stroud’s skills make him a real-life superhero? Certainly not. However, the folks at Bluewater Productions disagree. So much so they’re willing to pit Stroud’s MacGyver-esque skills against wrongdoers in a new comic book series.

In a press release, Bluewater said the first edition will follow Stroud in pursuit of an artifact and in the chase, he gets lost at sea, roughs it through the English countryside, and “shows an endless supply of rugged determination in his quest.”

“So much of being Survivorman has turned out to be surreal and so very exciting for my life. The most exhilarating and fun result yet is being turned into a comic book super hero!!! I absolutely love it!” said Les Stroud.

Truth be told, celebrity personalities have loaned their names and identities to comic book and graphic novel writers for years, and Bluewater has a long list of other notable names lending their characters to ink. Vincent Price is probably one of the most recognized. I’m just not sure making fire by rubbing two sticks together or collecting edible plants is going to be enough to make Stroud into a modern day Indiana Jones. What do you think?