TrackingPoint–an Austin, TX based technology company has gotten a lot of press lately for its freakishly accurate Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system. This week, the company announced it has kickstarted an initiative to create a similar “super gun” capable of hitting a target at over 3,100 yards, or about over 1.76 miles.

The current record for the farthest confirmed long-distance hit with a small arm is held by a British soldier who hit a target at 2,707 yards in November, 2009 in Afghanistan.

The company already fuses precision rifles with advanced, laser-guided scopes that account for distance, gravity, wind speed, humidity, and even the rotation of the earth. Shooters can view their target through the scope and “tag” it with the crosshairs, so even with the safety off, the gun doesn’t fire until it’s locked on to the target for a certain hit. But PGFs come with a hefty price tag: $22,500 to $25,700.

In a press release, TrackingPoint CEO Jason Schauble says the final product won’t be available as a commercial product, but the company is talking about how to best use the technology if it succeeds.

“As an applied technology company at the forefront of the firearms industry, we at TrackingPoint need to consistently push ourselves to innovate above and byond even our own expectations,” said Jason Schauble, TrackingPoint Chief Executive Officer. “Our ‘Super Gun’ project will push the boundaries of perception in the firearms and shooting communities. In the process we hope to find inspiration for a whole new generation of tech applications.”

The release also states unconfirmed claims have been made for a shot of 3,079 yard in October, 2012 by an Australian soldier using a .50 caliber rifle. The shot, if officially confirmed, will be the standard to which TrackingPoint holds its Super Gun capabilities.