Prison authorities recently found out that three Florida convicts had been using a nylon rope to reel drugs, tobacco products, lighters, and other contraband into the prison for about two months.

According to a report from WHAS, inmates Mark Keating and Phillip Henderson lowered a line from the sixth floor of the recreation yard at the Pinellas County Jail to their friend, Eric Snook, who fixed a grocery bag of goods to the end. Keating and Henderson would then haul in the load through a rain drainage hole on the top floor and profit from their catch by selling it to other inmates.

The scheme ended last week when the line broke and a bag of items, including 29 grams of marijuana estimated to be worth $1,500 inside the jail walls, fell to the fourth floor. It didn’t take long for other inmates to snitch on the pair.

In the end, the felony will add more jail time to Keating and Henderson’s sentences, and likely lead Snook to a cell of his own.