What are the odds that on the same day the new season of Duck Dynasty is set to premiere, a lucky lotto winner, Will Seeley, appears on the Today Show, looking like one of the duckmen himself, and says his newfound fortune is going to allow him to quit work and spend more time at his cabin in the woods, hunting and fishing–every day. What a life.

On top of that, yesterday, at a lottery news conference, Seeley described himself as happy, happy, happy–the same famous quote uttered by the duckmen patriarch Phil Robertson. I mean, c’mon, the day before the premier? What are the odds? Well, about as good as winning the lottery.

Seeley was one of 16 coworkers that chipped in to buy lottery tickets and was shocked to learn they held one of three winning tickets. The group is splitting the $86 million, which means after taxes, each coworker takes home $3.8 million.

Above is a video clip of Seeley describing what he plans to do with the money to Matt Lauer on the Today Show. I’d probably do the same thing if I were in his shoes.