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In a special election Tuesday, voters in Colorado ousted two key supporters of statewide gun control measures, state Democrats John Morse of Pueblo and Angela Giron of Colorado Springs, replacing both with Republican candidates.

This article in the New York Times says that while the election was confined to two districts in the southern portion of the state and does not affect the state’s gun laws (passed earlier this year in reaction to mass shootings at a Colorado movie theater and the tragedy at a Connecticut elementary school), it does send a warning to moderate lawmakers voting for tougher gun laws.

Colorado is one of 19 states that allow voters to recall state officials through special elections, without any evidence of fraud or misconduct. Both campaigns reportedly drew support from out-of-state interests. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg personally donated $350,000 to Giron’s campaign fund, which in conjunction with Morse’s, reached $3 million. In contrast, the National Rifle Association donated $362,000 total to Giron and Morse’s opposition.