The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) unveiled a new graphic advertisement yesterday featuring the tagline “Payback is Hell” and artwork based on an injury sustained by Bradley Greenwood, a Utah hunter that accidentally impaled himself on the antlers of an elk he shot earlier this month.

According to, on September 7 Greenwood was trying to roll over an elk he’d killed but slipped and an antler point pierced his trachea. Struggling to breathe, he was able to call 911 and rescuers found him about 30 miles from Vernal Utah, where PETA plans to display their new ad on a billboard.

Matt Bruce, a PETA campaigner, says he’s grateful Greenwood is expected to make a full recovery, but the group wants to use the incident as a way to perpetuate their belief that hunting is a brutal and dangerous pastime.

“We hope that our billboard will help prevent future accidents like this one by reminding people that hunting is not only cruel, it’s also a tragic accident waiting to happen,” Bruce said. “In this day and age, there really is no reason to kill animals for fun or food. People should enjoy nature by hiking and get their food at the grocery store.”

The date PETA’s ad will appear on a billboard is unknown at this time. There are only a few spots available and PETA is working with sign companies to identify where the group can place its message.