Photo posted by Gillhams Fishing Resort on Facebook

British angler Keith Williams recently received a birthday surprise when he hooked and landed a potential new world record 134-pound, 7-ounce Siamese carp (also called a giant barb).

Williams was in Krabi, Thailand celebrating his 56th birthday on a fishing trip with family and friends. The owner of the resort where he was fishing told the British __newspaper Metro that Williams fought the fish for 25 minutes, but was still contemplating the magnitude of his catch days later.

“His reaction was one of total shock – he said never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would catch a world record. In the days after this capture Keith was walking around in a daze – he is still saying it has not yet sunk in.”

The International Game Fish Association needs to review and approve a record application from Williams before it can officially deem his catch a world record. Until then, Terry Mather’s 114 lb., 10 oz. giant barb caught in Thailand in March 2004 will continue to hold the world record title.