Hunting personality and author Craig Boddington has teamed up with The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) and the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) to create a demonstration video and 30-second public service announcement advocating hunters to carry pepper spray that includes instructions on how to use it if confronted by a bear.

A report from the Billings Gazette says Boddington appears in the videos holstering a can of bear spray and shouldering a rifle, hiking through the mountains, reiterating the spray’s accessibility and effectiveness.

“Hi, I’m Craig Boddington. For forty years I’ve made my living hunting, much of that in bear country. I trust my life to bear spray because the research is clear: bear spray stopped grizzly bears 92% of the time and prevented injury 98% of the time. Firing under stress changes everything. Bear spray requires less accuracy and won’t harm your companions. Carry bear spray in bear country. Keep it accessible and practice.”

Grizzly bear populations are growing in the Northern Continental Divide and Yellowstone ecosystems in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, as are conflicts between bears and hunters in these areas, and increasing hunter’s use of spray as a deterrent is a high priority for the IGBC. The videos are currently posted on the IGBC website and YouTube, though the groups plan to make the messages available to The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel, and WILD TV to reach a wider audience.