CC image from Flickr

In efforts to protect California condors living the in the Zion Unit of southern Utah, deer hunters are urged to use non-toxic, lead-free ammunition, or, if they shoot lead, to clean up the gutpiles that may contain lead fragments that can poison the large carrion eaters. As reported by the St. George News, this year the voluntary Non-Lead Ammunition program run by the Utah DWR and the Peregrine Fund includes a twist: hunters who use lead-free bullets are entered into a drawing with some nice prizes: a four-wheeler and five hunting rifles will be given away.

Hunters who prefer to shoot lead bullets can enter, too. All they have to do is bring their gutpiles with them to the check station. It’s a much different approach than California’s lead ban in their condor zone.

Would you pack out your gutpile if it might win you a rifle or an ATV?