Owen Schipnewski, a mechanic in Clara City, Minnesota, recently received a phone call from a stranger claiming to have a hunting coat he lost four years ago, and he wanted to return it–and the $1,700 he found inside–to its rightful owner.

Schnipnewski told the West Central Tribune he lost the jacket while goose hunting with his 12-year old son in 2009. Trent Jorgensen found the jacket on the side of the highway, took it home, and hung it in his garage where it remained unused for four years.

It wasn’t until he decided to go on an impromptu duck hunting trip with friends that he remembered the jacket, decided to wash it, and leafed through the pockets. Inside he found Schipnewski’s wallet, replete with driver’s license, credit cards, cell phone numbers, his son’s 2009 hunter safety certificate, and $1,700.

After a few phone calls, Jorgensen tracked down Schipnewski, who coincidentally hunted property adjacent to his own. Jorgensen said he never considered keeping the money or jacket after discovering its owner, though despite his protests, Schipnewski gave him enough cash to buy a new jacket of his own as a reward.

“It says there’s still good people in the world,” said Schipnewski.