The last three years have been a whirlwind for country music artist Easton Corbin. After bursting onto the country-music scene in early 2010 with a self-titled album that featured two number one singles, A Little More Country than That, and Roll With It, releasing the follow-up album All Over the Road, and a seemingly endless touring schedule (including a recent series of roadshows with fellow hunter and county artist Blake Shelton), Cobrin said he’s barely had time to catch his breath.

But even with his newfound success, Corbin still makes time to get back to the woods, and credits his time spent on his grandparent’s small farm in rural Florida and outings with his family for fostering his passion to hunt and fish.

Who Was Your Hunting or Fishing Mentor?
“That’s tough, because I’ve spent so much time outdoors with my whole family. My dad and his dad went hunting now and then and took me with them, but as they got older they didn’t go as much. I would also go fishing with my other grandma and grandpa whenever I could. But really it was my uncle that took me hunting and really got me started,” Corbin says. “I love to squirrel hunt, and as a kid, that was something we could do around our small farm. He and my cousin and I would go squirrel hunting and dove hunting and all that stuff.”

If you could Hunt One Place, Where Would it be?
“Last year I killed a whitetail in Montana with Tom McMillan as part of a TV show,” Corbin says. “I also did another show with Tom in Kansas, and killed a 14-pointer out there. That trip was amazing, I saw some of the biggest deer I’ve ever seen in my life out there. I’d love to go back to the Midwest for more deer.”

What Are You Looking Forward to Hunting This Year?
“I’ve been doing a lot of things with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. It’s a great organization,” Corbin says. “I got an elk with my bow about two years ago in New Mexico and over the years I’ve made friends with some really good people over there and I go hunting with them a couple times a year if I can.

“In fact, just last month I hooked up with them again in Montana to hunt, but with my schedule I could only get away for about three days. I didn’t get one this time, about 90 yards was as close as I came, but it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back. It’s tough! They’re just really smart animals.”

With Such A Busy Schedule, How Do You Find Time To Hunt?
“Well, I just finished the Blake Shelton tour which I’m kind of sad about because he’s such a cool guy and we’ve had a great time out there. It’s my favorite tour that I’ve ever been on,” Corbin says. “Now I’ll be doing a few of my own shows here-and-there and working on some music for a new record, then start touring again with the The Band Perry in January. But between now and then, I’ll have a little break and I’m hoping to go back out to Montana in November to get an elk if I can get a shot at one.”

What’s on your Hunting Playlist?
“Merle Haggard is my go to,” Corbin says. “Anything Merle Haggard is on my playlist. It don’t matter what time it is, or if I’m going out to hunt or coming home, I love Merle Haggard–he’s my hero, along with legends like George Jones and Keith Whitley. I’ll even blast Merle through my speakers before a show to get me all pumped up because I’m such a huge fan.”