The NRA recently unveiled a new exhibit showcasing 29 firearms sporting the unique serial number of “1” at its Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield, Mo.

A short description posted on the NRA’s blog says the pieces on display include a Smith & Wesson Schofield, Colt .40 caliber Model 1851 Navy, and a Springfield Sharps Model 1870. While the significance of a No. 1 serial number often indicates a piece is the first of a particular model, it can also represent a “batch number” for firearms produced before unique serial numbers were mandated by the Gun Control Act of 1968.

“We are proud to share this special collection of firearms with the visitors of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum,” said Museum Director Jim Supica. “Individually, the exhibit’s guns mark first steps in firearm technology. Together, they trace the history of industrialized firearms manufacturing.”