Hunting Conservation photo

Last Monday PETA announced it will begin selling surveillance drones called “air angels” through its website for $325 to anyone that wants to monitor the activities of hunters.

According to, the animal-rights advocates made the announcement to coincide with the opening of Massachusetts’s whitetail archery season and posted the following note on its website:

Using your hobby drone, you can collect instant to-your-phone video footage of hunters engaging in illegal activity, such as drinking while in possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them, and illegally using spotlights, feed lures, and other nasty but common hunting tricks. Your amateur footage can be used to alert game wardens and other authorities to who is doing what to animals.

However, the article said Dennis Boomer Hayden, president of the Massachusetts Bowhunters Association, was quick to remind potential buyers the state has laws against the harassment of hunters engaged in the lawful taking of fish or wildlife.

“Hunters already have a police force that watch us, they’re called game wardens,” Hayden told Mashable. “Obviously, they more than protect the wildlife in Massachusetts. They would arrest a hunter if they were doing something wrong.”