Rangers Catching Trespassers in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks
CC image from Flickr

National Park Service rangers have been issuing trespassing citations to people caught inside the currently closed Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks while the Park Service waits for the federal shutdown to end and they can reopen the gates.

Grand Teton park spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles says rangers have issued nine citations, mostly in the last two days, to people illegally entering the park.

“We’ve made lots of visitor contacts, and a lot of the visitors are disappointed, some of them are angry, but the majority have been very respectful of the park rangers,” she said.

Rangers in Yellowstone park noted there hasn’t been a “widespread” issue with closure violations, but spokesman Al Nash says a few citations have been issued.

“For the most part, people have been very good and we appreciate the help of the local community,” Anzelmo-Sarles said. “There is still a very small percentage of people who have lashed out and actively tried to violate closures.”