Today’s Reader Photo of the Day is this largemouth from McHenry County, Illinois, submitted by Beej214660 to Catchbook, our fishing app for iPhone. According to Beej the fish weighed 10.5 pounds and was caught on a Cotton Cordell bleeding shad rattle bait.

Catch Data:

Date: September 29, 2013

Time: 11:11 am

Weather: Cloud cover: 0 percent; Temperature: 60 degrees; Barometric pressure/trend: 30.06 inches and rising; Winds: NNW 6 mph.

Catchbook uses photos of fish you catch to automatically record the date, time, and weather conditions present, and plots your location so you can pattern your spots all season. It also lets you share your catches with trusted fishing buddies so that everyone you fish with can have more success.

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