On September 26th, 2013, Walla Walla, Washington resident Jim Eggart killed a bull elk with a green score of 392 points while hunting with his son in one of the state’s coveted units.

According to an article from the Union Bulletin, Eggart tried for seventeen years to win the highly sought-after, one-and-only tag for the state’s Blue Creek unit, and while it allowed him to hunt for only five days, he says weeks of scouting and studying preceded the final shot.

“For 27 straight days we went after this elk day and night,” Eggart said in a phone interview. “My son and three friends went out every morning and night.”

Eggert shot the bull with a .300 magnum, 180-grain bullet, at 80 yards in foggy conditions. While the bull’s rack green scored 392, an official score can’t be determined until after a mandatory 60-day drying period. While it won’t eclipse Dan Agnew’s 2008 bull that measured just over 436, Eggart is confident the animal will still rank as one of Washington’s largest.