Current range of the Eurasian brown bear.

Paul Lister, a British heir to a multi-million dollar fortune, considers wolves and bears better culling machines than hunters, and in the big picture, simply better for nature. He believes it so much he has decided to move forward with a plan to bring approximately 20 wolves and a dozen bears to Britain for the first time since they were exterminated from the island 300 and 500 years ago, respectively.

According to this story in The Independent, Lister hopes to host both species on his 50,000 acre wildlife reserve in northeast Scotland so the area can return to a more natural state–a model he says isn’t unlike the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

“Before the wolves returned the number of deers was soaring, despite human attempts to control them, because there had been nothing to hunt them,” said Lister.

“I don’t want to leave behind a massive wind farm or hydro plant. It’s ugly. It might be necessary, but it isn’t for me. My agenda is wildness, without which our lives would be diminished. That’s what gives us hope, life, longevity–not concrete jungles,” he said.