Got A Cut? Slap A Sunny On It

Well, maybe you should use a bandage instead. But you may soon see a similar treatment at hospitals and clinics near you: a company in Iceland called Kerecis Limited has developed a substance called MariGen Omega3, which is made entirely from fish skin and which will help human wounds heal better.

According to a story on

...the fish-derived material is believed to offer a better surface for skin to regrow. It also contains Omega3 lipids that reduce inflammation at the wound site. [It] comes with the additional benefit of sidestepping cultural and religious objections to the use of pig flesh in medical products.

I can see a bunch of tired and punchy Icelanders at the fillet table late one afternoon working on yet another load of salmon. One of them grabs a skin and throws it at another guy, who catches it with a hand bloodied by a slip of the knife, and...heilagur skitur!