Black Bear Hunting photo

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A Wisconsin upland bird hunter recently killed a charging black bear by shooting it in the face with a shotgun at point-blank range after it attacked him and his dog.

According to ABC affiliate WQOW, Phil Anderson was hunting ruffed grouse when he heard branches cracking and assumed he spooked some deer. Moments later, his dog squealed in distress.

“I yelled for the dog and immediately the adult bear came from that direction and charged at me and knocked me on my back,” said Anderson “She batted me a few times and shook me and then she went back to my dog.”

Anderson got back on his feet and yelled at the bear, hoping to scare it away from his dog, but the bear charged him again. This time, he was able to raise his shotgun and shoot the bear in the face with birdshot, instantly killing the 275-pound sow.

“I have wounds on my arm from my elbow to my wrist where she bit me and I have scratches on my torso to my waist that had to be closed up,” said Anderson.

Anderson and his dog walked nearly a mile back to his truck and drove to a nearby hospital with his wife. He was then airlifted to Regions Hospital in the Twin Cities for additional medical attention. He and his dog are now resting at home.