A homeowner near Aurora, Illinois took a golf club to the head of a whitetail deer that crashed through his first-floor bedroom window.

A story from the Daily Herald says Mohr was in the shower on Friday when he heard a loud crash and his wife screaming. When he realized a buck was tearing his house apart, he reached for a golf club and struck the deer, knocking an antler off in the process.

“He did a lot of damage … a lot of damage,” said Mohr, 71. “I just chased him around for probably 10 minutes. It looked like a (Charles) Manson murder–blood everywhere.”

Mohr eventually coerced the deer into the garage and opened the door so it could escape, but not before it left large blood stains on his carpet, destroyed his furniture, broke windows, and punched holes in his walls.

“I can guarantee you he didn’t get far. I don’t think he’s going to recover from his wounds. He lost a lot of blood,” Mohr said.

Photo: Flickr