Here’s a feel-good story out of the UK. Hagar, a 14-year-old eagle (left), was brought to the falconry centre in Kirkcaldy after he had been found living in “unsuitable accommodations,” where he was left with broken wing a tail feathers. That meant Hagar couldn’t fly. The solution? A little ingenuity and a fishing rod repair kit.

From the story on the Deadline:

The resourceful staff at a falconry centre in Kirkcaldy, Fife, came up with an ingenious way of getting Hagar back into the skies. They used carbon fibre rods from a fishing rod repair kit and glued them to “donor” feathers from other birds.

In all, the team at Elite Falconry created 17 artificial feathers ranging in length from 16 – 20 inches. These were then glued to Hagar’s wings, allowing the bird to take off immediately and fly perfectly.

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