When half a million hunters go afield today for the opening of Michigan’s statewide gun deer season, many state legislators will be among them. Traditionally the legislature takes an 18-day break beginning Nov. 15 to allow lawmakers to participate in the hunt.

Prior to this year’s opener senator Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor questioned the traditional break, calling it “proof the male-dominated culture is alive and well” in the statehouse. Two female representatives responded by inviting Warren to hunt.

“The isn’t about men out doing “man stuff,” said Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons. “It’s about recognizing and honoring Michigan’s long-celebrated hunting heritage. It’s about our great natural resources, the harvest, and – most of all – family.”

Warren responded: “I value hunting. I know it’s a big part of our culture, but most people that I represent don’t get paid time off to go hunting. They do it on the weekends, and then they come to work, which I think we should do.”