Photo: Realtree

Women make up an increasing number of Wisconsin deer hunters, mirroring a nationwide trend. Last year Wisconsin sold 614,435 gun deer tags and 62,000 went to women. That number is estimated to grow by 43 percent by 2030 as more women take up hunting. The Wisconsin DNR has increased license sales with learn to hunt classes and inexpensive licenses for first-time hunters. Many of those new hunters are women.

According to the Superior Telegram, while some female hunters are recruited by spouses, boyfriends and family members, a large number of them are motivated to hunting out of an interest in taking healthy, environmentally sustainable food from the land. “More and more people care about where their food comes from and sustainability is a big part of their identity,” says Keith Warnke, WDNR hunting and shooting sports coordinator. “Part of reaching that group is to talk about how hunting is a sustainable food source.”