Baker and his record buck.
Baker and his record buck. Unknown

Remember this giant buck, taken within a couple weeks of the Wisconsin bow opener by an as-yet unnamed hunter in Waukesha County?

Back in September, on the Whitetail 365 blog, Field Editor Scott Bestul reported that rumors put the buck’s green score at 244 inches–slightly higher than the net score of Wayne Schumacher’s current 243-6/8-inch Badger State nontypical archery record, and therefore the potential new Number 1 Wisconsin bow buck.

An official with the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club calls the hunter a “pretty private guy” (can you blame him?), and where details are missing about such an enormous buck, people will fill in the blanks. Accusations–that the buck was not shot with a bow, taken from another state, arrowed on a game farm, and more–have swirled.

But now we learned that the WBBC got involved shortly after the deer was arrowed to help facilitate the green score. With the 60-day drying period lapsed (plenty of time to investigate any speculation of foul play), the Club will panel score the buck this Sunday, November 17th, at the Richfield Cabela’s store. Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club members, consisting of at least one Boone & Crockett, one Pope & Young, and two official state qualified measurers, will perform the examination. The panel’s ultimate score will be entered into the clubs official records and submitted as the entry score to B&C.

More on Monday.