Derek Nance of Lexington, Kentucky had an eating condition. He couldn’t digest carbohydrate-rich foods. He tried all kinds of diets in hopes of finding food he could tolerate. He went Mediterranean. He went vegan. Nothing worked until a friend suggested the Paleo diet–all meat.

There are peoples, like some Inuit, who subsist on diets made up almost entirely of meat, so Nance gave it a try. Five years ago, Nance switched completely, giving up all other foods cold turkey. “I had a couple of goats in the yard I was tired of milking so I slaughtered them and ate them,” he told Nance does eat some other foods, but 95% of his diet is raw meat he slaughters himself, according to the Huffington Post video above. And he says he’s never felt better.

He’s dabbled in roadkill–deer, possum, that kind of thing–and to him, rotten meat isn’t rotten, it’s probiotic, like yogurt, and he believes it’s good for him. He believes meat contains enough vitamin C, as well, and claims he has never felt better. He has also given up his job as an electrician and become a butcher.