Today is Election Day, and while there are plenty of bottom feeders on the ballots, a different kind of bottom feeder, a 20-pound carp, is waging a write-in campaign for an Ann Arbor, Mich., city council seat. That’s right, a 20-pound carp.

Last November workers from Ann Arbor’s Natural Areas Preservation program determined that a 20-pound carp was destroying the vegetation in a local pond and relocated it to the nearby Huron River. This story posted on MLive says the carp has now started a Twitter account (@TwentyPoundCarp), announcing it is running for office, and following that up with a string of campaign messages.

“When I’m elected as a write-in candidate in the Ward 4 city council race this fall, look for some awesome changes, my friend,” it tweeted on Sept. 17.

The identity behind the carp’s handle remains unknown, but the carp’s competition, write-in candidate William Lockwood and Democrat Jack Eaton (the only candidate printed on the ballot) say they’re amused by the campaign and welcome the rivalry. Fortunately for them (or unfortunately for voters), the carp didn’t file the necessary paperwork before the election, so its votes won’t count.

“When elected, I will also offer residents a chance to make a DDA member of their choice dress up and dance like an organ grinder’s monkey,” it tweeted on Oct. 24.

“Man. Just a reminder when you’re like voter 28 at 7pm on November 5: it’s spelled T-W-E-N-T-Y P-O-U-N-D C-A-R-P,” it tweeted on Oct. 23.