As this video shows, net guns are capable of wrapping up a deer instantly. The modern net gun is powered by a CO2 cartridge or a blank and can shoot a net up to 12’x12′ to a distance of 25-45 feet accurately. Essentially it has four barrels, one that shoots a weighted projectile on each corner of the net.

Because they can’t fire bullets or shot, net guns are not classed as firearms by the ATF. And, if you search the internet long enough, you can find instructions for building your own.

Why would you want to build one? One website suggests hunting (“Hunters are happy with this amazing device, now you can catch any animal without harming or injuring them”) and home defense, suggesting that a net gun under your pillow is a weapon that can “catch invaders without any fight or injury.”

I always thought the point of hunting was to harm animals so I could eat them. Nevertheless, this blog is called the Gun Nut, not the Net Nut, and I plan to continue shooting my birds with shotguns. As for net guns as self-defense weapons, it’s an intriguing, probably impractical thought that I will leave to you to debate.