Photo courtesy Bayside Bulletin

Last September, an Australian woman fishing North American waters became the first blind person on record to complete the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) Trout Royal Slam.

A story from Australia’s Bayside Bulletin says despite having only three-percent vision in one eye, 40-year old Cynthia Stevens caught seven different North American trout species unassisted per the IGFA’s rules using a variety of techniques over a 15-day stretch.

Stevens started by catching a brook trout in New Hampshire on September 15th. Ten days later, she caught a golden, rainbow and brown trout in California’s San Joaquin and Owens rivers before traveling to Oregon where she landed a lake, bull and cutthroat trout from Odell Lake, Cougar Reservoir, and the Willamette River.

Stevens jokingly said she caught all the trout ‘with her eyes closed’ and that she’s now focused on catching salmon and only has to land one more species before completing her second royal slam.

“Anything is possible and it’s only the limitations you put on yourself that make things impossible,” she said.