On Monday, a father and son used small hovercrafts to cross a frozen Minnesota lake and rescued three whitetail deer stuck on the ice.

Last weekend, ABC affiliate KAAL posted a photo of a deer stranded on Albert Lea Lake on its Facebook page, an image they said generated an overwhelming number comments, mostly from people questioning why no one was helping the animals.

Father and son Doug and James Kenison, owners of Med City Hovercraft in Rochester, Minnesota, saw the photos and decided to take two of their hovercrafts onto the ice to see if they could help. When they arrived, they found not one, but three whitetail does stranded more than a quarter mile from shore, and filmed the rescue effort.

“We just tied some rope to the deer the best way that we could without hurting them and we ended up just dragging them to the nearest shoreline,” James said. “At that point you could tell the deer were really exhausted. They’d been out there a couple days.”

The two men were able to use their hovercrafts to tow all three whitetails to shore, though it took the deer a moment to regain their balance. Ironically, the Kenisons were already having discussions with the city of Albert Lea about how their hovercrafts could be used in other, future emergencies.