In October, a Marine fishing from a California beach with his wife and daughter caught what could be the first and only great white shark in the U.S. that was reeled in from shore.

Marine Jeff Fangman, an experienced shark angler who has caught bull, lemon, and tiger sharks, had just moved to California from the Gulf Coast. But a report from NBC affiliate WPTV says on Oct. 27, Fangman reeled in a young female great white–and he has the video to prove it.

“Seeing it in the water was just…it was almost mind blowing,” Fangman told the reporter. “It’s taken several weeks to get the whole ordeal to sink in.”

It took Fangman about 25 minutes to reel in the shark and left him exhausted. Because great whites are illegal for anglers to target, he dragged it back into the ocean and watched it swim away.