A family hunting trip in central Pennsylvania took a turn for the worst on Monday when a black bear, possibly angered at the teen’s close proximity to its cubs, attacked 18-year old Camille Bomboy, swiping and biting the girl’s arms and face.

A report from ABC news says Bomboy was hunting with her stepfather and brother who were driving deer in her direction. At one point, three cubs rushed past her with the sow bear following close behind, and when it attacked, Bomboy said all she could do was scream.

“I covered my eyes and screamed and prayed and hoped everything would be OK,” Camille Bomboy told her mother Krista Courter

Her stepfather, Michael Courter, fired his rifle into the air to scare off the bear. Aside from puncture wounds to her arms, the bear caused two large gashes on Bomboy’s scalp and nearly cut off one ear. She received treatment at a local hospital but is now recovering at home, but according to her mother, is not letting the incident discourage her from hunting again.

“She doesn’t seem too discouraged, but it’s up to her. She doesn’t seem like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m never going back into the woods.'”