Wildlife cameras that broadcast continuous live footage of animals have grown popular. Here in the U.S., the Decorah Eagle Cam became a viral sensation when it broadcasted every minute of the hatching and fledging of three eaglets in northeast Iowa. England’s Fox Cam, however, may be the first of these wildlife cameras to put a criminal behind bars.

Now, a video camera streaming 24-hour footage of a family of foxes in a south London backyard caught bonus footage of an attempted burglary, the Independent reports. The intruder entered the yard at 3:46 a.m., prowled around looking for a way into the house and apparently left empty handed, but not before unwittingly allowing himself to be photographed by the Fox Cam. English TV wildlife personality Simon King had set up the camera in the yard to stream the images to his website.

“Anyone can view our network of webcams live through our website and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things – but this is taking it one stage further,” King told BBC news.

King also maintains a Badger Fox Feeder Cam, a River Cam, and a Kite Cam although currently, only the Fox Cam has caught a criminal.