Last week, Chad Smith and his wife Leigh returned from vacation with their three children and entered their home, hoping to relax, but instead found the house in disarray, and the intruder–a whitetail doe–hiding behind the couch.

NBC affiliate WMCTV says the family from Covington, Tennessee initially thought they were the victim of a burglary, but as they started documenting the clutter with a cell phone camera, they startled the deer, which proceeded to destroy more of the Smith’s home.

“When she saw me, that’s when she went nuts, running into the wall, hitting the TV, hitting the windows,” said Chad. “It looked like a small murder scene with blood all over the windows, the floor, the furniture, the TV.”

A game warden was able to coerce the deer out of the home, but moments later it died in the yard from an apparent heart attack the warden believes was brought on by the stress of the event.