Anti-hunters aren’t known for their rational thoughts or actions, so it should come as no surprise that animal activists in Britain went apoplectic when Prince William, along with his father Prince Charles, were featured in a video supporting anti-poaching efforts and calling for a stop to the illegal wildlife trade. You heard me right, instead of coming out in support of Prince William’s pleas to “unite for wildlife,” Joe Duckworth of Britain’s League Against Cruel Sports slammed the future King.

“We would question whether anyone can be expected to take him seriously when up on stage talking about how to protect animals,” said Duckworth in a statement quoted by The Mirror.

Duckworth charges that Prince William can’t be trusted to protect wildlife because he is a hunter, and had recently been reported to have killed a wild boar in Spain.

“It makes no sense to be out shooting wild boar one week and hosting a conference on wildlife crime the next,” said Duckworth.

Actually, as we all know, it makes perfect sense because hunters, both here in the U.S. and across the world, have done more to conserve and protect wildlife than any anti-hunting organization, which are generally just in the business of feigned rhetoric and misdirected outrage, not to mention fundraising to line the pockets of the groups’ leaders.

In the video, which was released to coincided of the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade taking place this week, Prince William expresses his interest in preserving wildlife for his young son George, as well as the children of the world.

“I want him to be able to experience the same Africa as I did as a child,” said William. “It’s shocking that future generations may know a world without these magnificent animals and the habitat on which they depend.”

Prince William also encourages people to support organizations that support wildlife conservation, organizations that are taking action against poaching and illegal wildlife trade. It’s no coincidence that these organizations call for controlled, legal hunting as one of the best ways to combat the threats against wildlife. It’s just unfortunate that animal-activists can’t think logically and come to the same conclusion.