Last month, the Wisconsin-based makers of Lakemaid beer announced a plan to deliver brew to ice anglers using remote, aerial drones. Unfortunately, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) caught a glimpse of the company’s YouTube video advertising the service and grounded the company’s aircraft, CNN reports.

It’s currently illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes. The FAA is working on a more comprehensive set of regulations governing commercial drone uses it hopes to have ready by 2015.

“While we are evaluating many potential uses of [UAVs] as we move toward their safe integration into the nation’s airspace, commercial operation of such aircraft is not yet allowed,” said FAA spokesperson Elizabeth Cory in an e-mail. “We are concerned about possible careless and reckless operation, especially if someone on the ground is hurt by an object or objects falling from the [UAVs].”

While Lakemaid hopes fishermen will continue to buy its beer the traditional way, the company’s drone-delivery concept has gone viral and even inspired someone to create a petition asking the President to issue Lakemaid an airworthiness certificate. So far, the issue has attracted almost 1,500 of the 100,000 signatures needed to receive any executive attention.