It’s no secret that I’m a fan of leftovers. In several past Wild Chef posts I’ve touted the value of them. I especially appreciate it when last night’s dinner becomes today’s lunch in a whole new form. This week’s Food Fight honors upcycling wild ingredients into dishes that could easily find a home on a diner’s lunch menu. And don’t forget, we would love to feature your fish or wild game dish here, so snap a photo, write up a short description and send them to

SMC1986’s Backstrap Quesadillas


When it comes to using up leftovers, you can almost never go wrong wrapping a bunch of ingredients in a tortilla. The floury rounds are practically made for such a thing and
SMC1986 did his up right. “So what do you do with leftover grilled backstrap, leftover stir fry vegetables, and leftover tortillas from Mexican night? You make backstrap quesadillas, of course.”

David’s Moose French Dip


When I was a kid, we didn’t eat out all that much, so when we did it was a special occasion. I celebrated by ordering the exact meal every time–a French dip and fries–from the time I was probably 5 until I was a teenager. I’m not sure why, but the hearty sandwich dipped in au jus still represents something special, even if it’s made at home using trimmings off a moose roast from the night before.