Trout Fishing photo

A Minnesota ice fisherman on Lac La Croix caught a lake trout weighing over 50 pounds on February 8, and may wind up in the ice fishing record books.

The Duluth News Tribune says Rob Scott saw the flag on his tip up shoot skyward, but by the time he reached the rig, a monstrous lake trout had taken every inch of the 20 lb. monofilament. What followed was an hour-long tug-of-war match between Scott and the fish.

“In the last few minutes, the trout was coming up. I saw that it had shoulders,” Scott said. “It passed (beneath the hole) just like ‘Jaws.’ All I saw was that eye. I said, ‘All bets are off.'”

In the end, the trout was 45 inches long with a 32-inch girth, and had an unofficial weight of 52 pounds, 3 ounces (according to a handheld digital scale). The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, the agency that monitors ice fishing records, won’t recognize the catch as a record until it’s weighed on an official scale and Scott submits a formal application, though some of his fellow anglers already believe it’s large enough to eclipse the current 40 lb. record set in 1987.

Scott says the word “release” never entered his mind and he plans to take the fish to a taxidermist.