Possible World-Record Redear Sunfish Caught in Arizona

An Arizona man fishing Lake Havasu on Feb. 16, 2014, caught a 5.78-pound redear sunfish that could eclipse the current world record.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Hector Brito caught the 17-inch long fish on a dropshot rig and nightcrawler and took it to a local tackle shop to have it weighed on an AGFD certified scale. However, to officially qualify as a world record, he’ll have to submit a formal application with the International Game Fish Association. The current world record, a redear also caught in Lake Havasu, is 5.5 pounds.

The AGFD’s report also says anglers shouldn’t be surprised if a larger redear appears from Lake Havasu, especially in the spring when the fish become more active. It’s thought the lake’s invasive quagga mussel population has become a new food source and a reason anglers are regularly finding panfish weighing two pounds or more.