A trapper in Nova Scotia was checking his snares last Tuesday night when an owl swooped down and sank its talons into his face.

According to CBC News, Kevin O’Neil was heading into the woods to collect rabbits when he saw the owl perched in a tree. He even stopped to jokingly talk to it. But a half-hour later, when O’Neil was walking back to his truck with rabbits in tow, the bird attacked.

“It swooped down and struck me right in the face. Feet first,” he said. “Drove three of its talons in my forehead and the other three right around my right eye. One in the corner, one in my eyebrow and one in the corner of my nose. The blood just started running out of me. It knocked me down.”

While O’Neil was carrying a shotgun, he walked away from the incident without firing.

“He’s one lucky owl, that’s all I can say,” he said.