Five weeks after being gored by a wounded buck on Christmas Eve, hunter Bobby Neames of Clinton, La., says he’s still having nightmares about the ordeal.

Neames was hunting from a stand when he shot a big buck he had seen on his trail camera pictures. He hit it in the neck and the deer ran into the woods. Neames followed 15 minutes later and suddenly found himself face-to-face with the wounded deer.

“It happened so fast. I was 20 feet away when he lunged up from a squatted position, and within one-tenth of a second, he’d hit me,” Neames told

The deer charged and caught him in the thigh with one antler, tossing him. The buck attacked again several times. Finally, Neames was able to grab the buck by the neck and throw it. The buck’s antlers stuck in the ground, giving him time to escape. The deer ran off with the rifle tangled in its antlers by its sling.

Neames was able to walk home but had to be airlifted to Baton Rouge for surgery where injuries required 25 staples and numerous stitches to close. The deer was never found, but his son did recover the rifle.